The films
Episode 1
1. Virunga's Last Mountain Gorillas

Can Dr. Emmanuel de Merode, a Belgian prince, ensure the survival of the world’s 700 remaining mountain gorillas?
Appointed director of the Virunga National Park in August 2008, he has been involved in nature conservation in the Congo for the past 15 years.
Follow his work in an area where civil war never seems to end.
Episode 2
2. Price of an Eco System

Douglas and Kris Tompkins decided to become full-time environmental activists after selling their businesses.
In order to protect endangered rainforests they bought land in Chile and Argentina and donated it to the governments – 2,2 million acres to be precise, about the same size as the country of Cyprus.
Episode 3
3. Back From Near Extinction

Leatherback turtles were being butchered on the beaches of Trinidad and were on a fast track to extinction. Suzan Baptiste, a local woman, just couldn’t stand by and witness the slaughter.
She started patrolling the beaches herself despite all threats and slowly the population of leatherbacks started to increase.
Episode 4
4. Architecture of Trash

Rebel, visionary and garbage warrior, Mike Reynolds has been called many things.
He’s an educated architect but his buildings are far from conventional.
They’re called “Earthships” and what makes them unique is not only that they are built out of garbage; they are also environmentally friendly and 100% self-sustainable homes.
Episode 5
5. No Blue - No Green

Meet Dr. Sylvia Earle. Seventy-four years old, she has spent her entire life trying to save the world’s dying oceans.
Our oceans are the source of most of the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. They are also home to 97% of all life on Earth.
No water, no life! No blue, no green!
Episode 6
6. The Indian Tiger Boy

Madhav Subrahmanyam is a 12-year-old boy on a mission. Get to know him and follow his struggle to save the last wild Bengal tigers in India.

This is a fight against time, fought by a few deeply dedicated heroes..