Earth Savers is a series of 6 fully animated documentaries, available in both 8 and 14 minutes long versions, that introduce you to some unique people. 

Each film relate real-life stories of people who have contributed in a unique way making planet Earth a better place. We have interviewed the actual people involved; in the films their words will be ”spoken” by animated characters.

Discover the heroes you never knew existed – meet the Earth Savers!


Over the last couple of years, the magnitude of the problems facing planet Earth have become increasingly clear. Never before in history have we, mankind, had such great opportunity and power to shape our environment. If we make the wrong choices, future generations risk paying a heavy price. For example, of the species alive in the 1970s, one third have vanished as a result of man’s actions.

Even though the challenges are great, there is still hope. By drawing the problems to our attention, Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and Leonardo DiCaprio’s “11th hour” have led the way. The world is now ready for films that portray optimism and ambition – the Earth Savers!

The earth savers